New Year and New Year’s resolutions

I have started the new year in a new house, to be precise in the house of a friend of mine who has decided to embrace a new adventure and go away for about 10 days. It is not the first time that I have been entrusted with a house and, as always, I agree with great eagerness. The reason lies in the fact that I have no great difficulty in living in a habitat different from my own, on the contrary, I have a certain and unequivocal euphoria about doing so….

One of my good intentions is to write a compendium (I refuse to use the term book) on the subject of real estate, in particular on the subject of ‘home’ and what is meant by it. In recent years I have been involved in the real estate sector as a property manager and as a freelance lecturer at the FUA-AUF (Florence University of Arts) where, thanks to some preparatory courses and thanks to my students, I have deepened and developed the subject.

A questionnaire via Google form

With reference to the project, I decided to create a questionnaire via Google form which I kindly ask you to fill in. The research aims to identify similarities and differences as well as to identify new lifestyles and perspectives to explore. As it is aimed at a mixed audience, the questions are in English but you will be able to answer in both Italian and English. Your contribution will be of great help to me and will certainly be quoted later on!

Here is the link and if you have any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to write to me, I will be delighted to receive all your advice!


By Alessandra Andreani